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Across seventeen authoritative volumes and featuring over a hundred of today's foremost literary critics and social historians, African American Literature in Transition offers a critical and comprehensive revisionary analysis of creative expression by people of African descent. Reading transtemporally from the origins of 'African American literature' by the first peoples calling themselves 'African Americans', African American Literature in Transition foregrounds change, and examines pivotal moments, years, decades, and centuries in African American literature and culture. While collectively analyzing both far-reaching and flash-forward transitions within four centuries, the multi-volume series replaces conventional historical periodization in African American scholastic and literary anthologies with a framework that contextualizes shifts, changes, and transformations in African American literature, culture, politics, and history.

  • General Editors: Joycelyn Moody, University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Associate Editors: Cassander Smith, University of Alabama