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Flip it Open is our new programme which aims to fund the open access publication of 100 titles through typical purchasing habits. Once titles meet a set amount of revenue, we have committed to make them freely available as open access books here on Cambridge Core and also as an affordable paperback. Just another way we're building an open future.

Open research blog posts

  • Quantitative Plant Biology: Making plant science research open to all
  • 18 October 2023, Dr Olivier Hamant and Alison Paskins
  • Quantitative Plant Biology (QPB) is a community-based journal, co-published by Cambridge University Press and The John Innes Centre, with a prestigious and QPB was established with the belief that plant science research is a key endeavour in a changing environment. For this, not only does the journal build on cutting-edge quantitative approaches, it also opens the field to citizen science and art & science with dedicated article formats and collections. At QPB, we believe that research is first and foremost a question of creativity. This also means that plant science should be available to everyone, everywhere, and that the processes behind the research should be fully transparent....