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About this journal
Science in Context
  • ISSN: 0269-8897 (Print), 1474-0664 (Online)
  • Frequency: 4 issues per year
Science in Context is an international journal edited at The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University. It is devoted to the study of the sciences from the points of view of comparative epistemology and historical sociology of scientific knowledge. The journal is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of science and its cultural development - it does not segregate considerations drawn from history, philosophy and sociology. Controversies within scientific knowledge and debates about methodology are presented in their contexts.

Digital archive - 1987-2000

Science in Context Digital Archive is a repository of every single article published in the journal between 1987 and 2000. It houses over 7,300 pages of content, reproduced as high-resolution, searchable PDFs. The Archive marks the complete digitisation of Science in Context, with all material available through Cambridge Core.

The archive contains approximately 350 articles from the journal's first 13 volumes - 34 issues in total.

For pricing information, contact us at in the Americas. for the Rest of the World.

This journal is owned, managed, and published by Cambridge University Press.