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A way to detect the magnetic helicity using the observable polarized radio emission

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  08 June 2011

Rodion Stepanov
Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Ac. Koroleva str. 1, 614013 Perm, Russia email:
Antonina Volegova
Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Ac. Koroleva str. 1, 614013 Perm, Russia email:
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We discuss inverse problem of detection turbulence magnetic field helical properties using radio survey observations statistics. In this paper, we present principal solution which connects magnetic helicity and correlation between Faraday rotation measure and polarization degree of radio synchrotron emission. The effect of depolarization plays the main role in this problem and allows to detect magnetic helicity for certain frequency range of observable radio emission. We show that the proposed method is mainly sensitive to a large-scale magnetic field component.

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