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Three-dimensional Structure of Twinned and Zigzagged One-dimensional Nanostructures Using Electron Tomography

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  01 February 2011

Han Sung Kim
Affiliation:, Korea University, Materials chemistry, Jochiwon, Korea, Republic of
Yoon Myung
Affiliation:, Korea University, Material Chemistry, Anam-dong Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, Seongbuk-gu, 136-701 Korea, Korea, Republic of, 82-2-3290-3973, 82-2-3290-3992
Yong Jae Cho
Affiliation:, Korea University, Materials Chemistry, Jochiwon, Korea, Republic of
Dong Myung Jang
Affiliation:, Korea University, Materials Chemistry, Jochiwon, Korea, Republic of
Chan Soo Jung
Affiliation:, Korea University, Materials Chemistry, Jochiwon, Korea, Republic of
Jae-Pyoung Ahn
Affiliation:, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Advanced Analysis Center, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Jeunghee Park
Affiliation:, United States
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Electron tomography and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy were used to characterize the unique 3-dimensional (3D) structures of twinned Zn3P2 (tetragonal) and InAs (zinc blende) nanowires synthesized by the vapor transport method. The Zn3P2 nanowires adopt a unique superlattice structure that consists of twinned octahedral slice segments having alternating orientations along the axial [111] direction of a pseudocubic unit cell. The apices of the octahedral slice segment are indexed as six equivalent <112> directions at the [111] zone axis. At each 30 degrees turn, the straight and zigzagged morphologies appear repeatedly at the <112> and <011> zone axes, respectively. The 3D structure of the twinned Zn3P2 nanowires is virtually the same as that of the twinned InAs nanowires. In addition, we analyzed the 3D structure of zigzagged CdO (rock salt) nanowires and found that they include hexahedral segments, whose six apices are matched to the <011> directions, linked along the [111] axial direction. We also analyzed the unique 3D structure of rutile TiO2 (tetragonal) nanobelts; at each 90 degree turn, the straight morphology appears repeatedly, while the in-between twisted form appears at the [011] zone axis. We suggest that the TiO2 nanobelts consist of twinned octahedral slices whose six apices are indexed by the <011>/<001> directions with the axial [010] direction.

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Copyright © Materials Research Society 2010

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