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Article contents

Frontiers in hybrid and interfacial materials chemistry research

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  10 November 2020

Beth S. Guiton
University of Kentucky, USA;
Morgan Stefik
University of South Carolina, USA;
Veronica Augustyn
North Carolina State University, USA;
Sarbajit Banerjee
Texas A&M University, USA;
Christopher J. Bardeen
University of California, Riverside, USA;
Bart M. Bartlett
University of Michigan, USA;
Jun Li
Kansas State University, USA;
Vilmalí López-Mejías
University of Puerto Rico, USA;
Leonard R. MacGillivray
The University of Iowa, USA;
Amanda Morris
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA;
Efrain E. Rodriguez
University of Maryland, College Park, USA;
Anna Cristina S. Samia
Case Western Reserve University, USA;
Haoran Sun
University of South Dakota, USA;
Peter Sutter
University of Nebraska–Lincoln, USA;
Daniel R. Talham
University of Florida, USA;
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Through diversity of composition, sequence, and interfacial structure, hybrid materials greatly expand the palette of materials available to access novel functionality. The NSF Division of Materials Research recently supported a workshop (October 17–18, 2019) aiming to (1) identify fundamental questions and potential solutions common to multiple disciplines within the hybrid materials community; (2) initiate interfield collaborations between hybrid materials researchers; and (3) raise awareness in the wider community about experimental toolsets, simulation capabilities, and shared facilities that can accelerate this research. This article reports on the outcomes of the workshop as a basis for cross-community discussion. The interdisciplinary challenges and opportunities are presented, and followed with a discussion of current areas of progress in subdisciplines including hybrid synthesis, functional surfaces, and functional interfaces.

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Copyright © The Author(s), 2020, published on behalf of Materials Research Society by Cambridge University Press

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Frontiers in hybrid and interfacial materials chemistry research
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Frontiers in hybrid and interfacial materials chemistry research
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Frontiers in hybrid and interfacial materials chemistry research
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