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Julia Brown-Bernstein

Julia Brown-Bernstein is a PhD candidate in the department of History at the University of Southern California. Her work focuses on the impact of neoliberalism, as a set of economic policies and a political ideology, on civil society. Her dissertation, "Deregulating Suburbia: Space, Labor, and Belonging in the East San Fernando Valley," explores how  regional deindustrialization, the retrenchment of social services, and mass migrations in the latter twentieth century led residents to assert their place in society regardless of formal citizenship or legal status. Julia has received a number of awards and fellowships, including the USC Mellon Humanities in a Digital World Doctoral Fellowship, The Haynes Lindley Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, the  J. William Fulbright U.S. Student Fellowship and the Lois W. Banner award. She has published in the Journal of American Ethnic History. Before pursuing her PhD, Julia was a public school teacher in the San Fernando Valley. She holds an M.Ed. from UCLA and a Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College.