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Review process

This journal uses a double-anonymised model of peer review. Neither author nor reviewers know the identity of each other. 

Anonymity during peer review

As the journal operates on a double-anonymous peer review policy, authorship of submitted papers must be anonymized. 

Citations to work conducted by the author(s) need not be anonymized but should be talked about in third person to preserve anonymity. 
Please ensure that all materials in online repositories are anonymized (i.e., use anonymized view-only links on OSF and make sure that scripts contain no author-identifying information). 

In line with a double-anonymous peer review process, reviewers are anonymous as well but may optionally choose to sign their review.

Timeline for peer review

The review process usually takes around 3 months. Submissions are usually sent to at least 2 reviewers.


To appeal an editorial decision, please contact the Editor in Chief (at and specify the reason for your appeal. 

Your appeal will be reviewed by the Editor in Chief and/or an Editor who did not review the manuscript. The final decision regarding your appeal will rest with the L&C Editor in Chief and Editorial Board.