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Comparative analysis of the complete mitochondrial genomes of two species of Clupeiformes and the phylogenetic implications for Clupeiformes

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  24 October 2022

Bingjian Liu
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Ying Peng
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Kun Zhang
College of Life Science, Hunan Normal University, Changsha, China
Yifan Liu
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Jiasheng Li
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Jian Chen
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Xuepeng Li
School of Ocean, Yantai University, Yantai, China
Xun Jin
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Sixu Zheng
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Yunpeng Wang
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Shufei Zhang
Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Fishery Ecology and Environment, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fisheries Sciences, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510300, China
Li Gong
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Zhenming Lü
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Liqin Liu*
National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Germplasm Resources Exploration and Utilization, Zhejiang Ocean University, 316022, Zhoushan, China
Author for correspondence: Liqin Liu, E-mail:


The mitochondrial genome provides important information for phylogenetic analysis and an understanding of evolutionary origin. In this study, the mitochondrial genomes of Ilisha elongata and Setipinna tenuifilis were sequenced, which are typical circular vertebrate mitochondrial genomes composed of 16,770 and 16,805 bp, respectively. The mitogenomes of I. elongata and S. tenuifilis include 13 protein-coding genes (PCGs), 22 transfer RNA (tRNA), two ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes and one control region (CR). Both two species' genome compositions were highly A + T biased and exhibited positive AT-skews and negative GC-skews. The genetic distance and Ka/Ks ratio analyses indicated that 13 PCGs were affected by purifying selection and the selection pressures were different from certain deep-sea fishes, which were most likely due to the difference in their living environment. Results of phylogenetic analysis support close relationships among Chirocentridae, Denticipitidae, Clupeidae, Engraulidae and Pristigasteridae based on the nucleotide and amino acid sequences of 13 PCGs. Within Clupeoidei, I. elongata and S. tenuifilis were most closely related to the family Pristigasteridae and Engraulidae, respectively. These results will help to better understand the evolutionary position of Clupeiformes and provide a reference for further phylogenetic research on Clupeiformes species.

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Copyright © The Author(s), 2022. Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

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Liu et al. supplementary material

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