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Published online by Cambridge University Press:  19 March 2024

Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, 38 Princes Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand e-mail:
Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, 38 Princes Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand e-mail:
Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, 38 Princes Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand


We prove a nonarchimedean analogue of Jørgensen’s inequality, and use it to deduce several algebraic convergence results. As an application, we show that every dense subgroup of ${\mathrm {SL}_2}(K)$, where K is a p-adic field, contains two elements that generate a dense subgroup of ${\mathrm {SL}_2}(K)$, which is a special case of a result by Breuillard and Gelander [‘On dense free subgroups of Lie groups’, J. Algebra 261(2) (2003), 448–467]. We also list several other related results, which are well known to experts, but not easy to locate in the literature; for example, we show that a nonelementary subgroup of ${\mathrm {SL}_2}(K)$ over a nonarchimedean local field K is discrete if and only if each of its two-generator subgroups is discrete.

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Communicated by George Willis

The first and third author are supported by the New Zealand Marsden Fund. The first author is also supported by the Rutherford Foundation.


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