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Editorial board

Gary L. Messing, Ceramic Materials, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Associate Editor, Biomaterials

Susmita Bose, Biomaterials, Washington State University, USA

Associate Editor, Polymers and Organic Materials

Sarah E. Morgan, Polymeric materials, The University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Associate Editor, Metallic Materials

Mathias Göken, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Principal Editors

Kantesh Balani , Biomaterials, high temperature ceramics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Amit Bandyopadhyay, Hard biomaterials, Additive manufacturing, Washington State University, USA

Ricardo H.R. Castro, Interfaces thermodynamics, Calorimetry, Nanoceramics, University of California Davis, USA

Jinju Chen, Soft materials/thin films, Nanoindentation, Newcastle University, UK

Xiaobo Chen, Photocatalysis and batteries, University of Missouri - Kansas City, USA

Sung-Yoon Chung, Mechanical behavior, Electromechanical energy storage, KAIST, South Korea

Sylvain Deville, Ceramic materials, Processing, Bioinspired materials,CNRS, France

Franz Faupel, Functional nanomaterials, Universität Kiel, Germany

Michael C. Gao, High entropy alloys, Computational materials science,National Energy Technology Laboratory/AECOM , USA

Erik G. Herbert, Nanoindentation, Small-scale mechanical behavior, Michigan Technological University, USA

Jon Ihlefeld, Ferroelectrics, thin films, Ionic conductors, University of Virginia, USA

Quanxi Jia, Superconductors, Ferroelectric/magnetic materials, Thin films, University of Buffalo, USA

C. Robert Kao, Metallic materials, Diffusion and joining, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Edson Roberto Leite, Materials chemistry, Nanocrystals, Synthesis, Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory, Brazil

Lei Liu, Semiconductors, Electronic structure, Spectroscopy,Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics, and Physics, China

Michele Manuel, Phase formations, Materials design, University of Florida, USA

Michael E. McHenry, Magnetic materials, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Scott T. Misture, In-situ diffraction, Electronically active ceramics, Alfred University, USA

Lakshmi Nair, Biomaterials, Tissue regeneration, drug delivery, University of Connecticut, USA

Takahito Ohmura, Nanomechanical characterization, lattice defects, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan, Japan

George M. Pharr, Mechanical behavior, Nanoindentation, Texas A&M University, USA

Joshua Robinson, 2D material synthesis and properties, The Pennsylvania State University , USA

Fabrice Rossignol, Ceramic processes, Additive measuring, CNRS, France

Don W. Shaw, Epitaxy, Vapor deposition, Semiconductors, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Ralph Spolenak, Size effects in materials,micro 3D printing, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland , Switzerland

Ziqi Sun, Energy nanomaterials, Wet chemical synthesis, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Peng Tao, Solar/thermal energy materials, polymer composites, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, China

Venu Varanasi, Amorphous materials, biomimetics, bioprinting, University of Texas at Arlington, USA , USA

Chongmin Wang, Energy storage, Microscopy, In-situ/operando technique Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Xingcheng Xiao, Energy storage materials, AFM, nanoindentation, General Motors, USA, USA

Sam Zhang, Thin films/coatings, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Yanchun Zhou, Structural ceramics, Electronic structure, Aerospace Research Institute of Materials and Processing Technology, China

Journal of Materials Research Staff

Ellen W. Kracht, Publications Manager

Leslie Truver, Editorial Assistant

Kirby L. Morris, Editorial and Production Associate

Eileen M. Kiley, Director of Communications