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Call for Funding
24 Aug 2022

Journal of Functional Programming is flipping to Open Access in 2022

Journal of Functional Programming (JFP) will be fully Open Access as of January 2022 and is seeking support from companies and organizations interested in its core subject areas to fund Gold Open Access publications in the journal and its related research dissemination activities. 

###pCreative Commons licence to ensure that everyone can access, share, re-use and build upon the work published.

JFP would like to hear from interested organisations that would be interested in contributing towards its pathway to transitioning to fully Gold Open Access.

Your financial support will provide a waiver fund for authors with limited grants and no publications research money. It will also subsidise an APC lower than our standard rate, and will allow us to make previous content freely available.

Your support for JFP will enable the journal’s full transition to open access, ensuring much greater visibility and impact of the high quality research that it publishes, strengthening the journal’s position as a highly influential publication in the field. In addition to publishing research papers, we will launch a programme of industry-focused papers, and a supplementary programme of videos, interviews, news section, etc., which will be made freely available. Your support will also be instrumental in making all previous content freely available to everyone.

If interested in this innovative and bold endeavour for making the Journal of Functional Programming freely accessible to all, please contact Samira Ceccarelli, Publishing Editor, at