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About the journal

Ownership, Copyright and Organization

The IRSH, and the copyright on its title, mission and contents are the property of the IISH. The organization of IRSH consist of an Editorial Committee (EC), an Executive Editor and Editorial Staff, an Advisory Board, and a team of Corresponding Editors.


The IRSH is published by Cambridge University Press, both online and in print.

Editorial Responsibility

The Editorial Committee is responsible for the content of the journal, defined as the research articles and all other peer reviewed materials. The Executive Editor is responsible for the book reviews, the annotated bibliography, and other materials that are not peer reviewed.

Composition of the Editorial Committee

The EC consists of a minimum of eight members, including the Chairperson. The position of Chair is to be fulfilled by the Director or the Director of Research of the IISH. The actual number of members of the EC is to be decided by the board. Vacancies on the EC are filled by way of nomination by the EC. The term of office for EC members, excluding the Chair, is five years, and can be renewed once.

Executive Editor and Editorial Staff

The Executive Editor is appointed by the Director and Research Director of the IISH. The Executive Editor is supported by an Editorial Staff consisting of an Editorial Assistant and a Book Review and Bibliography Editor. The Executive Editor is not a member of the EC, but is responsible for the preparation and implementation of editorial procedures and decisions.

Decision Process Editorial Committee

All decisions, including membership of the Editorial Committee, will be taken by the EC by a simple majority of votes. In case of an equal division of votes, the Chair will tie the knot. Discussing, and deciding on, all matters in between board meetings (e.g. by way of e-mail) is permitted, on the condition that all EC members agree with this procedure.

Advisory Board

IRSH has an Advisory Board of renowned scholars from all parts of the world and from relevant specializations covered by the journal, to advise the EC and the Directors of the IISH on the editorial policy and development of IRSH. Members of the Advisory Board are nominated and appointed by the Editorial Committee and are selected from the global community of scholars working in the field covered by the journal. The term of the scientific advisory board is five years and is renewable. Members of the Advisory Board will advise on expert reviewers or perform peer reviews and may provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the EC. The Executive Editor will ask the Advisory Board’s advice on the general editorial policy and development of the journal on an annual basis, including advice on topics and themes to be covered and submissions to be commissioned.

Corresponding Editors

IRSH has a team of Corresponding Editors, selected from all parts of the world and from all relevant specializations covered by the journal, to give the EC and the Executive Editors suggestions for submissions to be commissioned, expert reviewers to be invited, books to be reviewed, and book reviewers to be invited.