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  • ISSN: 0020-8183 (Print), 1531-5088 (Online)
  • Editors: Brett Ashley Leeds Rice University, USA, and Layna Mosley Princeton University, USA
  • Editorial board
Published on behalf of the International Organization Foundation.

International Organization (IO) is a leading peer-reviewed journal that covers the entire field of international affairs. IO features articles that propose generalizable theories, improve social scientific knowledge, and/or offer new empirical insights on the broad range of subjects that constitute international relations and global politics.
From the Editors

We are excited to begin our five-year term as co-Editors-in-Chief of International Organization. Our editorial team also includes Associate Editors B. Peter Rosendorff and Ayşe Zarakol; Elana Matthews continues in her role as Managing Editor.

We thank outgoing Editor-in-Chief Erik Voeten and Associate Editors Martha Finnemore, Kenneth Scheve, and Kenneth Schultz for stewarding the journal over the last five years. Our goal is to maintain and build upon their excellent work.

We aim to publish excellent theoretical and empirical work on international politics, both on important topics long featured in International Organization and on emerging topics that deserve increased emphasis. International Organization continues to welcome work that employs a wide range of methodological approaches. While manuscripts that do not feature any international, transnational, or cross-border phenomenon as a major cause or effect are outside the domain of IO, we believe the range of topics that should be studied from an international perspective is broad and growing.

Diverse scholarly voices enhance our discipline and the quality of our collective scholarship.

We aim to attract submissions from scholars based around the globe, so that we may broaden the geographic range of the authors whose work appears in IO. We also hope to receive more submissions from members of traditionally underrepresented demographic groups.

 We will continue to accept three types of submissions: research articles (maximum 14,000 words), research notes (maximum 8000 words) and review essays. You can read about the types of submissions we welcome here. Research notes need not be primarily empirical contributions; they can also be primarily theoretical or conceptual, and they generally have a narrower scope than research articles.

Please take a moment to review our revised Instructions to Authors. We will manage current submissions from today, and we will accept new submission beginning July 23, 2022.

Our editorial team looks forward to working with the IO board, authors, and peer reviewers to continue the broad dissemination of scholarship aimed at improving our understanding of international relations and global politics.

 --Brett Ashley Leeds and Layna Mosley, July 1, 2022 

The Robert O. Keohane award

The Robert O. Keohane award acknowledges Keohane's years of service to IO and support of junior scholars. The 500-dollar award will be presented annually for the best research article in IO written by an untenured scholar.

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