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Publication process after acceptance

You may by eligible through your institution to publish Gold Open Access in this journal for free under a Transformative (Read and Publish) Agreement.  For more information, including an eligibility checking tool, please visit this page.


IJMES uses the FirstView system to publish articles online ahead of issue assignment. For more details please see our FAQs.

Articles published online under the FirstView model are considered published, and have a DOI which can be used for citation. No further revisions can be made after FirstView publication of an article. Articles will later be assigned to an appropriate issue by the journal's Editor. Articles may appear in a different order in issues to the order they were published under FirstView.


Changes cannot be made to articles once published, either online in FirstView or as part of an issue. Any changes must be made via the standard process of issuing a correction notice. Please contact the Editorial Office and Content Manager for the journal if any error has been identified. The final decision on whether a correction notice should be published will be taken by the Publisher in consultation with the Editorial Team. For more information please refer to our FAQs.

Access to article

Once your article has been published, authors will receive a code which will provide perpetual access in both HTML and PDF formats.