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Life Science and Biomedicine

Earth and Environmental Science

Psychology and Psychiatry

The journal welcomes submissions from all research areas, past and present, negative and novel, as well as supplementary findings, improvements or amendments to published results, validation and reproducibility of existing findings, and the debunking of published results. Papers are subject to an APC and are published as Gold Open Access under a CC-BY license.

The replication crisis has been an ongoing research crisis, particularly within science focused subjects. An inability to reproduce experimental results is problematic in terms of the repercussions for further research and experiments. Other issues include the quality of the research and the potential for bias.

The reproducibility of research is incredibly important and Experimental Results is dedicated to help solve the replication crisis. Authors have the opportunity to build on existing replicable research or contribute to the research lifecycle by publishing their early research. The journal mandates authors and makes data freely available.

Watch our webinar to learn more about publishing in Experimental Results from a Life Science and Biomedicine author perspective. Key Speakers were:

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Watch our webinar to learn more about publishing in Experimental Results from an Earth and Environmental Science author perspective.  Key speakers include: 

  • Dr. Jennifer Pollack, Associate Professor, Harte Research Institute
  • Dr. Benjamin Walther, Associate Professor of Marine Biology
  • Dr. Fiona Hutton, Executive Publisher and Head of STM Open Access Publishing
  • Alison Paskins, Publishing Editor

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Watch our webinar to learn more about publishing in Experimental Results from a Psychology and Psychiatry author perspective.  Key speakers include: 

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