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Book reviews

The European Journal of Risk Regulation accepts submissions of book reviews. Authors can submit two types of reviews.

 (i) Standard Book Reviews - should be no longer than 1500 words in length, detail the contribution and structure of the book and give a critical appraisal of whether aims and objectives are met.

 (ii) Critical Book Review Essay - should be no longer than 3000 words in length and in addition to detailing the contribution and structure also assess critically the books arguments focusing on key philosophical or theoretical issues.

Please note that submission of a manuscript does not guarantee publication. Responsibility of the factual accuracy of a paper rests entirely with the author. The manuscript must also be complete and final in terms of formulation and factual information so that no major corrections – only of typesetting errors or the like – will be necessary after type-setting, when an edited version will be returned to the author. Authors whose first language is not English should however ensure that their final draft is carefully spellchecked, preferably by a native speaker of English, for accuracy. Subsequent requests for corrections cannot be processed.

For submission and style instructions see the main 'Author instructions'.