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British Actuarial Journal (BAJ) is published three times a year by Cambridge University Press for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. The journal contains the papers presented to the sessional research programme of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries along with transcripts of the discussions and debates. It also contains Presidential addresses; memoirs and papers of interest to practitioners. For information on presenting or submitting a paper contact the IFoA directly, email

Open Access

As of January 2017 (Volume 22) newly published articles in BAJ will be Open Access

  • Freely available for anyone to read and share, immediately upon its publication, in PDF and HTML format
  • Published under Creative Commons licensing that allows anyone to make copies of, redistribute and re-use the work without asking for permission, provided that proper attribution is given

The journal will also publish in an online-only format from 2017. BAJ’s archive (Volumes 1 to 21) remain pay to access. The cost of publishing open access in BAJ is funded by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). There are no article processing charges or other author-facing fees.