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March 2021

International Trade Implications of Highly Pathogenic Poultry Disease Events

February 2021

A Century of Profligacy? The Measurement and Evolution of Food Waste

January 2021

Effectiveness of Public versus Private Ownership: Violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

November/December 2020

Increasing Participation and Access to Economic Associations and Their Services

October 2020

Impacts of Health Services on Agricultural Labor Productivity of Rural Households in Burkina Faso

September 2020:

Ethnic Variation in Immigrants' Diets and Food Acculturation – United States 1999–2012

August 2020:

Improving BMP Cost-Share Enrollment Rates: Insights from a Survey of Florida Farmers

July 2020:

U.S. Consumer Demand for Traditional and Greek Yogurt Attributes, Including Livestock Management Attributes

June 2020:

The Role of Collective Food Identity in Local Food Demand

May 2020:

Estimating the Present Value of Carbon Sequestration in U.S. Forests, 2015-2050, for Evaluating Federal Climate Change Mitigation Policies

April 2020:

A Risk Management Tool or an Investment Strategy? Understanding the Unstable Farm Insurance Demand via a Gain-Loss Framework

March 2020:

Alternative Strategies to Manage Weather Risk in Perennial Fruit Crop Production

February 2020:

An Examination of the Adequacy of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefit Levels: Impacts on Food Insecurity

January 2020:

Can Dietary Fiber Intake Be Increased through Nutritional Education and through Subsidies on Selected Food Products?

December 2019:

Willingness to Pay, Quality Perception, and Local Foods: The Case of Broccoli

November 2019:
The Impact of Federal Crop Insurance on the Conservation Reserve Program

October 2019:
Estimating Preference Heterogeneity for Grass-fed Beef Cattle Traits

September 2019:
Dynamics and Uncertainty in Land Use Conversion for Perennial Energy Crop Production: Exploring Effects of Payments for Ecosystem Services PoliciesDynamics and Uncertainty in Land Use Conversion for Perennial Energy Crop Production: Exploring Effects of Payments for Ecosystem Services Policies

August 2019: 
A Choice Based Experiment of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): A Valuation of Attributes

July 2019:
Are Choice Experiment Treatments of Outcome Uncertainty Sufficient? An Application to Climate Risk Reductions

June 2019:
A Note on the Petroleum Industry’s Participation in Conservation Agreements for the Lesser Prairie Chicken

May 2019
Inclusion Strengthens and Enriches the NAREA Community

April 2019
Market-Level Implications of Regulating Forest Carbon Storage and Albedo for Climate Change Mitigation

March 2019
Diversifying to Reduce Conservation Outcome Uncertainty in Multiple Environmental Objectives

February 2019
Climate, Land Cover, and Bird Populations: Differential Impacts on the Future Welfare of Birders across the Pacific Northwest

January 2019
Recognizing Gravity as a Strong Force in Atmosphere Emissions Markets

December 2018
Can the Global Forest Sector Survive 11 °C Warming?