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  • Print publication year: 2021
  • Online publication date: February 2021

9 - Conclusion

from Part III - Borders and Rivalry Termination


In Chapter 9, the concluding chapter, we provide an overview of the main theoretical and empirical contributions. We then lay out what we see as a path forward for future research. This includes but is not limited to a need for additional research into the process by which borders settle. We offer insights into factors that influence the process but more research is needed about how that process unfolds. Second, one implication of this book is that there are multiple paths to rivalry, only one of which is explored here. The path to rivalry for those not competing over borders, or for non-neighbors, demands an alternative theory. Third, we uncover that some rivalries persist even after border settlement, even if their behavior toward each other changes. We do not yet know why these rivalries persist. Fourth, we find evidence consistent with the expectations that conflict management effectiveness vary based on the tools chosen and type of bargaining problem experienced. We discuss the implications of these findings for conflict management research, particularly as it relates to legalized dispute resolution mechanisms.

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