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  • Print publication year: 2007
  • Online publication date: June 2018




Introductions to the subject

491 A guide to writing sociology papers

Sociology Writing Group Worth Publishers, 2001, 208pp. £16.99. ISBN 9781572599512.

A useful introductory tool for sociology students and lecturers. It provides a step-by-step guide to the writing and research process. It includes sections on note taking; preparing and writing different types of assignment; citation styles and avoiding plagiarism. Handy tips and examples are offered throughout. Bibliographical references for further reading are provided.

492 An introduction to sociology: feminist perspectives

P. Abbot, C. Wallace and M. Tyler 3rd edn, Routledge, 2005, 448pp. £20.99. ISBN 9780415312592.

Accessible introduction to feminist theory. Students will find the end of chapter summaries, glossaries of key terms and suggestions for further reading useful. Topics covered are wide-ranging and up to date. They include patriarchy, body politic, post-colonial feminism and post-modernity and feminism.

493 Sociology

A. Giddens 5th edn, Polity Press, 2006, 1094pp. £22.99. ISBN 9780745633787.

An excellent accessible introduction to the difficult theories and debates within sociology by leading theorist Anthony Giddens. It combines a thorough grounding in the history of sociology and its classical theories with a discussion of contemporary social change and the impact of globalization upon social life. The text is particularly useful for students as each chapter contains summary and revision points, questions for further reading and web links. The associated website offers supporting materials for students and lecturers. These include online quizzes, assignment guides and a glossary of sociological terms.

494 Sociology: themes and perspectives

M. Haralambos and M. Holborn 6th edn, Collins Educational, 2004, 1024pp. £28.99. ISBN 9780007154470.

Well established textbook for A-level students and introductory undergraduate courses. Provides a solid coverage of classical theory and methods with new chapters on emerging contemporary fields such as health, social exclusion and gender issues. Each chapter highlights key concepts and offers definitions. The associated website enables students to access online quizzes and revision guides. There is also a lecturers’ section with suggested classroom activities.

  • Sociology themes and perspectives: AS and A level student handbook M. Holborn and P. Langley 6th edn, Collins, 2005, 240pp. £11.99. ISBN 007179472. Associated guide based on the chapter headings of the textbook, but designed specifically in relation to the requirements of British exam boards. Offers revision tips, definition of terms and model examination questions and answers.

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