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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: January 2019

Studies in Legal History - Series page

Erman, Sam, Almost Citizens: Puerto Rico, the U.S. Constitution, and Empire
Lowe, Jessica K., Murder in the Shenandoah: Making Law Sovereign in Revolutionary Virginia
Jones, Martha S., Birthright Citizens: A History of Race and Rights in Antebellum America
Nicoletti, Cynthia, Secession on Trial: The Treason Prosecution of Jefferson Davis
Kolla, Edward James, Sovereignty, International Law, and the French Revolution
Likhovski, Assaf, Tax Law and Social Norms in Mandatory Palestine and Israel
Gordon, Robert W., Taming the Past: Essays on Law and History and History in Law
Garfinkel, Paul, Criminal Law in Liberal and Fascist Italy
McKinley, Michelle A., Fractional Freedoms: Slavery, Intimacy, and Legal Mobilization in Colonial Lima, 1600–1700
Sharafi, Mitra, Law and Identity in Colonial South Asia: Parsi Legal Culture, 1772–1947
Tani, Karen M., States of Dependency: Welfare, Rights, and American Governance, 1935–1972
Jurasinski, Stefan, The Old English Penitentials and Anglo-Saxon Law
Batlan, Felice, Women and Justice for the Poor: A History of Legal Aid, 1863–1945
Lee, Sophia Z., The Workplace Constitution from the New Deal to the New Right
Livingston, Michael A., The Fascists and the Jews of Italy: Mussolini’s Race Laws, 1938–1943