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  • Print publication year: 2004
  • Online publication date: September 2009

A Christmas Dream, vol. 1 of Lulu's Library (1886)


Hartford Daily Courant 49.295 (9 December 1885): [1]:8

Lulu's Library is “Aunt Jo's” (Louisa M. Alcott) Christmas gift to the boys and girls. It is a series of twelve short stories told in the author's delightful way, and the boys and girls will thank their old friend, Aunt Jo, very much, for so timely and pleasant a gift.

Scotsman. Quoted in advertisement in The Academy 28.n.s.711 (19 December 1885): ⅷ

“Lulu's Library,” by Louisa M. Alcott is a pretty little book for girls, made up of short stories, which appear to be exceedingly well told.

The Christian Register 64.52 (24 December 1885): 826:2

In a brief preface, Miss Alcott says, “Having nothing else to offer this year, I have collected these stories (which have been favorite “bed-time” stories for her little niece) in one volume as a Christmas gift to my boys and girls.” The names of the stories are “A Christmas Dream,” “The Candy Country,” “Naughty Jocko,” “The Skipping Shoes,” “Cockytoo [Cockyloo],” “Rosy's Journey,” “The Fairy Box,” “A Hole in the Wall,” “The Piggy Girl,” “The Three Frogs,” and “Baa, Baa!” Scores of little children will share the pleasure of the “little niece” in reading and hearing these stories. If too late for Christmas, their mammas can remember that New Year's is a good time to make presents.

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Boston Commonwealth 24.14 (5 December 1885): [1]:6