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  • Print publication year: 1996
  • Online publication date: September 2009

1 - Holonomies and the group of loops



In this chapter we will introduce holonomies and some associated concepts which will be important in the description of gauge theories to be presented in the following chapters. We will describe the group of loops and its infinitesimal generators, which will turn out to be a fundamental tool in describing gauge theories in the loop language.

Connections and the associated concept of parallel transport play a key role in locally invariant field theories like Yang–Mills and general relativity. All the fundamental forces in nature that we know of may be described in terms of such fields. A connection allows us to compare points in neighboring fibers (vectors or group elements depending on the description of the particular theory) in an invariant form. If we know how to parallel transport an object along a curve, we can define the derivative of this object in the direction of the curve. On the other hand, given a notion of covariant derivative, one can immediately introduce a notion of parallel transport along any curve.

For an arbitrary closed curve, the result of a parallel transport in general depends on the choice of the curve. To each closed curve γ in the base manifold with origin at some point o the parallel transport will associate an element H of the Lie group G associated to the fiber bundle. The parallel transported element of the fiber is obtained from the original one by the action of the group element H.