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  • Cited by 9
  • Print publication year: 2012
  • Online publication date: May 2012

Chapter 13 - Reflections on François Recanati's ‘Immunity to error through misidentification: what it is and where it comes from’


This chapter examines a claim made about the kind of immunity to error through misidentification (IEM) relative to the first person that attaches to action self-ascriptions. The argument for transparent IEM (TIEM) for action self-ascriptions seems to rest on the assumption that information from bodily awareness is neutral between action and bodily movement. The feedback from bodily awareness was supposed to be insufficient for the subject to determine whether someone moved her body, or whether her body moved. The chapter also examines whether there are resources to construct better cross-wiring cases to challenge the claim that agents' awareness is TIEM than those that appeal to bodily awareness. It explores what direct arguments are there for or against the necessity of first-personal contents to agents' awareness. A helpful way to get at the character of an agent's awareness may be to consider a case in which it is missing.

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