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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: July 2019

12 - Unification from Above, Its Contradictions and the Conjuncture Initiated by the Eurozone Crisis

from Part III - The Crisis as a Crisis of the EU’s Economic Model


At the time this chapter was being completed (December 2017), things had decidedly started looking up for the European Union (EU). A number of electoral hurdles had been cleared by pro-EU mainstream political forces, the economy was gaining momentum and the Brexit negotiations were shifting the mood both in the UK and the rest of Europe in a decidedly more pro-EU direction as well as revealing the UK’s direly weak hand and the extent of the EU’s leverage. Emmanuel Macron’s proposals for EU reform – laid out in his Sorbonne speech – have crystallised a new optimistic mood, revolving around the issue of how to reshape Europe’s federal order in order for the EU to take the next step in the process of integration. Although these developments are part of the ebb and flow of current affairs, they provide some added weight to the argument put forward in this chapter.