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  • Print publication year: 2020
  • Online publication date: March 2021

Appendix 11 - Cambridgeshire Subsidy Rolls and Eyres


Eyres 1247–99. The main eyres generated documents as as follows: TNA JUST 1/81, 1247, Foreign pleas, including essoins, 31 Hen III; TNA JUST 1/82, 1261, Civil, foreign and crown pleas, jury calendar, essoins and attorneys 45 Hen III; TNA JUST 1/83; 1268; General oyer and terminer, lands given away as a result of the Barons’ War, roll of pleas, presentments, amercements and jury calendar, 53 Hen III; TNA JUST 1/84, 1272, Civil and foreign pleas, 56 Hen III; TNA JUST 1/85, 1272, Crown pleas, 56 Hen III; TNA JUST 1/86, 1286, Rex roll of civil, foreign and crown pleas, gaol delivery, plaints, amercements and fines, jury calendar, essoins and attorneys, 14 Edw I; TNA JUST 1/96, 1299, Berwick's roll of civil, foreign, king's and crown pleas, gaol delivery, plaints, jury calendar, essoins and attorneys, 27 Edw I.

Subsidy rolls. The earliest surviving subsidy roll for Cambridgeshire appears to be TNA E179/81/2 for 1225, but this applies only to Chesterton. Another early roll for Cambridgeshire is TNA E179/81/1, which Palmer (1912) dates to c.1250, but TNA tentatively attributes it to a thirtieth for 1283. Later rolls include an aid for marrying the king's daughter in 1302 (E179/81/3, E179/239/246) and a double scutage of 1305 (E179/242/65).

Translation of excerpts from TNA JUST 1/82 Cambridgeshire eyre of 1261, adapted from Palmer, W. M. (ed.), The Assizes Held at Cambridge 1260: Being a Condensed Translation of Assize Roll 82 in the Public Record Office with an Introduction (Linton, 1930).

The jury for the borough of Cambridge (Membranes 29d, 31d, 32d. Palmer, Assizes, pp 38–43)

The Borough of Cambridge comes by twelve.

Nicholas Childman, William Toylet, Reginald Sherewynd and Robert Huberd, chief bailiffs; Robert of St Edmunds, William son of Elye, John Martin, John Porthors, Walter Crocheman, Thomas Plote, Eustace Eldcorn, William Seman, Peter son of William, Robert of Madingley, Ermesius Mercator, William of Cotes.

Simon son of John of Barton appeals in the county Thomas son of Reginald of Eadewald of mayhem, robbery and breaking the King's peace; and he appeals of force and aid Harvey of Wyneboldisham.