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  • Print publication year: 2005
  • Online publication date: July 2009

Principal publications of Aidan Clarke

The Old English in Ireland, 1625–42 (London and Ithaca, 1966; paperback edn, Dublin, 2000)
The Graces, 1625–41 (Dundalk, 1968)
Prelude to Restoration in Ireland: the end of the Commonwealth, 1659–1660 (Cambridge, 1999)
November 1634: a detail of Strafford's administration’, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 93 (1963)
The earl of Antrim and the first Bishops’ War', The Irish Sword, 6 (1963)
The army and politics in Ireland, 1625–30’, Studia Hibernica, 4 (1964)
‘The policies of the Old English in parliament, 1640–1’ in J. L. McCracken (ed.), Historical Studies V (London, 1965)
A note on the parliament of l634’, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 97 (1967)
‘The colonization of Ulster and the rebellion of 1641 (1603–60)’ in T. W. Moody and F. X. Martin (eds.), The Course of Irish History (Cork, 1967; revised and enlarged editions, 1984 and 1994)
A discourse between two councillors of state, the one of England and the other of Ireland’ [British Library, London Egerton MS 917], Analecta Hibernica, 26 (1970)
Ireland and the General Crisis’, Past and Present, 48 (1970)
‘Historical revision: the history of Poynings’ Law, 1615–41', Irish Historical Studies, 70 (1972)
‘The Irish economy, 1600–60’; ‘Pacification, plantation and the catholic question, 1603–23’; ‘Selling royal favours, 1624–32’; ‘The government of Wentworth, 1633–40’; ‘The breakdown of authority, 1640–1’. Chapters 6–10, īn T. W. Moody, F. X. Martin and F. J. Byrne (eds.), A New History of Ireland, III: Early Modern Ireland, 1534–1691 (Oxford, 1976)
‘Colonial identity in early seventeenth century Ireland’ in T. W. Moody (ed.), Nationality and the Pursuit of National Independence: Historical Studies XI (Belfast, 1978)
The Atherton file’, Decies: Journal of the Old Waterford Society, 9 (1979)
‘Hell or Connacht?’ in R. Fitzpatrick (ed.), Milestones or Millstones? Watersheds in Irish history (Belfast, 1980)
‘The genesis of the Ulster rising of 1641’ in P. Roebuck (ed.), Plantation to Partition: essays in Ulster history in honour of J. L. McCracken (Belfast, 1981)
‘Ireland, 1534–1660’ in Joseph Lee (ed.), Irish Historiography, 1970–9 (Cork, 1981)
Recent work (1977–1982) on early modern British history’ (with Collinson, Patrick, Morrill, John and Parker, Geoffrey), Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 97 (1984)
‘The 1641 depositions’ in Peter Fox (ed.), Treasures of the Library: Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin, 1986)
‘The plantations of Ulster’ in Liam de Paor (ed.), Milestones in Irish History (Cork, 1986)
‘The English’ in Patrick Loughrey (ed.), The People of Ireland (Belfast, 1988)
‘Sir Piers Crosby (1590–1646): Wentworth's “tawney ribbon”’, Irish Historical Studies, 102 (1988)
‘Varieties of uniformity: the first century of the Church of Ireland’ in W. J. Shiels and Diana Wood (eds.), The Churches, Ireland and the Irish, Studies in Church History, XXV (Oxford 1989)
‘Bishop William Bedell (1571–1642) and the Irish reformation’ in Ciaran Brady (ed.), Worsted in the Game: losers in Irish history (Dublin, 1989)
Colonial constitutional attitudes in Ireland, 1640–1660’, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 90, section c, 11 (1990)
‘Bibliographical supplement: introduction, part I’ in Moody, Martin and Byrne (eds.), A New History of Ireland, III: Early Modern Ireland, 1534–1691 (3rd edn, Oxford, 1991)
‘A commentary on John Lukacs's “Polite letters”’ in Ciaran Brady (ed.), Ideology and the Historians: Historical Studies XVII (Dublin, 1991)
Alternative allegiances in early modern Ireland’, Journal of Historical Sociology, 5: 3 (1992)
‘The 1641 rebellion and anti-popery in Ireland’ in Brian McCuarta (ed.), Ulster 1641: Aspects of the rising (Belfast, 1993)
‘1659 and the road to Restoration’ in Jane H. Ohlmeyer (ed.), Ireland: from independence to occupation, 1641–1660 (Cambridge, 1995)
‘Patrick Darcy and the constitutional relationship between Ireland and Britain’ in Jane H. Ohlmeyer (ed.), Political Thought in Seventeenth-century Ireland (Cambridge, 2000)
‘Donal Cregan, historian’ in M. Ó Siochrú (ed.), Kingdoms in Crisis: Ireland in the 1640s (Dublin, 2001)
‘A woeful sinner: John Atherton’ in V. Carey and U. Lotz-Heumann (eds.), Taking Sides? Colonial and confessional mentalités in early modern Ireland (Dublin, 2003)