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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: September 2019


  • Margaret Knight Papers

  • MS3133/6/1, ‘Memorandum addressed to the Governors of the British Broadcasting Corporation’, n.d. but r. 1956; N. Walter, ‘Does the Faith Need Defending?’, The Listener, 26 February 1976

  • MS3133/6/18

  • BHA/1/8/8 Advisory Council

  • BHA/1/14/3 John White Papers

  • R6/21/4 Central Religious Advisory Committee [CRAC], Minutes 1943–45

  • R6/21/5 CRAC Minutes 1946–47

  • R6/21/7 CRAC Minutes 1951–54

  • R6/21/8 CRAC Minutes 1958–61

  • R6/21/9 CRAC Minutes 1962–66

  • R6/21/10 CRAC Minutes 1967–70

  • R34/1101 Policy: Religion: Rationalism: Havering Humanist Society 1962–65

  • R34/1103 Policy: Religion: Rationalism: Ethical Union 1962

  • R51/930/1 Reith Lectures: GM Carstairs 1961–63

  • R51/949/1

  • R51/957/1 Talks: Religion; and R51/948/1 Controversial Broadcasts: Fundamental Debate 1955–56

  • R51/1145/1 Talks: Humanism 1965–

  • R51/9471/1 Talks Religion: Controversial Broadcasts: Fundamental Debate

  • R78/1215/1 Humanism – Policy File 1 1958–65

  • R78/1216/1 Humanism – Policy File 2 1965–71

  • R78/797/1 Barbara Wootton: Governor’s Correspondence

  • R78/3077/1 CRAC Minutes 1971–76

  • R78/3078/1 CRAC Minutes 1977–80

  • RCONT1: Bertrand Russell: Talks: Files 1–4 1944–61

  • RCONT1 Alex Comfort Talks: Files 1,1A,1B 1944–63

  • RCONT12 Alex Comfort Talks 1963–67; File III 1968–72

  • RCONT15 Alex Comfort File IV 1973–82

  • RCONT1 GM Carstairs Talks File 1 1950–62

  • RCONT12 GM Carstairs Talks File II 1963–67

  • RCONT1 DH Tribe Speaker File 1 1955–62

  • RCONT12 David Tribe Files II & III 1963–72

  • RCONT EM Forster File 10a 1955–57

  • RCONT1 Talks: Eustace Chesser 1951–62

  • RCONT12 Files II & III Chesser 1963–72

  • RCONT1 Talks Julian Huxley File III 1950–62

  • RCONT1 Talks AJ Ayer File 1 1946–62

  • RCONT1 Jacob Bronowski File IV 1956–62

  • RCONT910 Bertrand Russell Source File 1

  • R CONT 1/910 Forster EM File 10a 1955–57

  • T16/561 TV Policy: Humanism 1959–

  • T61/15/1 Religious Broadcasting: HRB’s Papers: Humanists 1968–78

  • T64/63/1 and /1 Ascent of Man: Jacob Bronowski

  • T64/64/1 Ascent of Man General

  • TVART1 Julian Huxley 1937–62

  • Blackpool Corporation Cuttings Files (Annual) 1935–79

  • General Local Newspapers Cuttings Files 1933–74

  • B352 Blackpool Council and Committee Minutes 1955–70

  • CBB1 56/67 Blackpool Borough Council Publicity Committee Minutes 1952–53

  • CBB1 56/68 Ditto Minutes 1953

  • CBB1 105/5 Blackpool Corporation, Watch Committee Minutes 1944–46

  • CBB1 105/6 Blackpool Corporation, Watch Committee Minutes 1947–50

  • County Borough of Blackpool Bye-Laws and Regulations in Force (Blackpool, Blackpool Times, 1909)

  • Medical Officer of Health County Borough of Blackpool Annual Reports 1942–72

  • Postcard Collection

  • Starving Bride Cuttings, 1930–35

  • BLA/7/1/2–177 Harold J. Blackham Collection: Correspondence, etc.

  • NSS/5/1 Cuttings, etc.

  • NSS/5/5 Education 1943–59

  • NSS/5/6 Education 1966–68

  • NSS/5/7 Education: Working Party on Religion in Schools 1967

  • NSS/5/9 Education 1964

  • NSS/5/10 Secular Education Campaign 1970

  • NSS/5/17 Barbara Smoker and BBC

  • NSS/5/21 Pornography and Blasphemy 1954–71

  • NSS/5/23 Homosexuality

  • NSS/5/37 Submissions

  • NSS/56/40 Cuttings Folder

  • SPES/1/2/12, 17 [South Place Ethical Society] General Council Minutes 1933–44, 1964–73

  • SPES/6/2/25 Growing Up [film] 1971

  • SPES/6/2/27 Save Humanists Campaign 1964–67

  • SPES/6/2/31 Papers on Vietnam, Permissiveness, etc. May–August 1967

  • SPES/6/3/7 World Union of Freethinkers Conference 1937–38

  • B8.1.5 Burgh Licensing Court Minutes 1943–61

  • B8.2.65 Burgh Licensing Court [typed summary] Minutes 1946–61

  • B8.2.73 Burgh Licensing Court Papers

  • C1.3.112 Minutes of the Corporation of Glasgow: Licensing 1945

  • DTC8.1.17 Glasgow Corporation Committee Papers, Town’s Clerk’s Office

  • DTC Glasgow Corporation Committee Papers

  • Medical Officer of Health Reports Glasgow 1942–60

  • CRC/3/18/3–8 County of Ross & Cromarty Licensing Board Dingwall District, and Appeal Board 1931–74

  • CRC/13/1/1–18, County of Ross & Cromarty, Medical Officer of Health Reports 1938–72

  • LCC/PCD/CL/PC/01/021 Nudity on the Stage 1937–61

  • LCC/PCD/CL/PC/1/23 Entertainment Licensing Reviews 1956–60

  • LCC/PC/CL/PC/1/27 Control of Clubs and Coffee Bars

  • LCC/PC/ENT/2/14 Printed Papers re Licensing Sessions, 1948–60

  • LCC/PC/ENT/2/17 Places of Public Entertainment – Miscellaneous Printed Reports (General) 1889–1939

  • LCC 19.6, London County Council Minutes, 1945–65

  • A/PMC/008 Executive Committee Minute Book April 1954–June 1959

  • A/PMC/014 PMC Stage Plays Subcommittee, Minutes October 1949–May 1957

  • A/PMC/015 Stage Plays Subcommittee 1957–65

  • A/PMC/017 PMC Cinema Subcommittee Minutes 1941–58

  • A/PMC/018 Cinema Subcommittee 1958–65

  • A/PMC/039 Papers for Parliamentary, Patrol and Propaganda Subcommittee, 1964–65

  • A/PMC/043 Patrolling Officer’s Reports etc. 1946–57

  • A/PMC/063, PMC Correspondence and Cuttings File 1952–59

  • A/PMC/097 – 98 Annual Reports 1901–63

  • Coggan Papers 31 ff 231–304; 43 ff1–30

  • Ramsey Papers, 10 ff323–40; 87 ff258–87; 108 125–32; 150 ff 68–79; 172 ff 96–128; 240 ff 144–53; 263 ff22–7; 273 ff 149

  • Runcie Papers/Main/1980/151 ff22–3

  • HCA/DYSON/1, Replies from Correspondents Invited to Join HLRS Letter to The Times and Committee, February to May 1958; Letter of Maurice Bishop of Durham to Anthony Dyson 20 February 1958

  • Godfrey Correspondence, GO2/75C Moral Rearmament 1961; G4/20 London Committee against Obscenity 1964; Gr3/7/7

  • Heenan Correspondence, HE 7/1521969–75; HE3/174 MRA 1965–67;

  • Box TW; Box 22W Correspondence with Vigilance Organisations; Box AQS PMC Correspondence

  • AAW/DOW/AP/8/2/12 Heenan Papers: Correspondence re Social Morality Council 1964–68

  • AAW/DOW/AP/7/2/32 Godfrey Papers: Correspondence re the Moral Law Defence Association

  • AAW/DOW/VG/15/1/4 Casey Papers: Correspondence re Public Morality organisations 1964–68

  • CA-POL–1 Sheffield Corporation Policy Committee, Minutes, 1969–71

  • CA-WAC/2/70–74 Sheffield Watch Committee, Minutes 1951–65

  • 2008/146 Box 83, Sheffield Corporation, Licensing Justices, Minutes 1965–71

  • 2/7/1 (PG351/63), Sheffield Town Clerk’s Department, The Mojo Club 1965–67

  • DIOC.MWC.2.18 Church of England Moral Welfare Council, Minutes, 1957–66

  • MP2439M – Misc. Documents, Abortion

  • PR138.B2.5(b) [Church of England] Sheffield Cathedral Chapter Minutes

  • X55/2/7–20, Sheffield City Council Health Department, Annual Reports on the Health of the City of Sheffield 1945–67

  • 352.2 Chief Constable of Sheffield, Annual Reports 1958–65

  • The Star 1963–76

  • Sheffield Telegraph (a.k.a. Sheffield Morning Telegraph and Morning Telegraph) 1947–71

  • Newspaper Cuttings Files 1946–72

  • Stornoway Gazette 1949–80

  • SA/ALR/A.4/5/ ALRA Correspondence with Clergy 1963–69

  • SA/ALR/G.31–45 Publications of Madeleine Simms 1967–73

  • SA/ALR/G.46–63 Articles by Madeleine Simms 1974–79

  • SA/ALR/G78 [Simms] Scrapbook of Cuttings, 1956–64

  • SA/ALR/G.79 [Simms] Press Cuttings 60s–80s

  • SA/ALR/H.58 Professor [Ian] Donald and the BMA 1971

  • PP/CPB/A.5/4 CP Blacker: General Correspondence [with Eustace Chesser]

  • PP/EFG/A.49 Griffith Publications 1940s–60s [Eustace Chesser]

  • SA/VES/A.9 Membership Register 1950–54

  • SA/VES/A.11 Voluntary Euthanasia Society Annual Reports 1937–55

  • SA/VES/A.12 Papers Relating to … Legislation 1938–69

  • SA/VES/A.13 VE: Ethical Statements by Religious Leaders

  • SA/VES/A.15 Minutes 1958–69

  • Keith Hindell, interviewed by Callum Brown, 27 October 2017

  • David Kennard, interviewed by Callum Brown, 5 June, 20 July and 27 July 2017

  • T. Willard Hunter, Oral History Interview with, transcript at

  • Finlay Macleod, interviewed by Callum Brown and Ealasaid Munro, Highlands and Islands Film Guild Project, interview HIFG035, 11 January 2017

  • David Pollock, Social History of Humanism Collection, TOO79 Pollock D, Interview with David Pollock by Callum Brown, 1 September 2014

  • Revd Angus Smith, interviewed by Callum Brown and Ealasaid Munro, Highlands and Islands Film Guild Project, interview HIFG037, 14 January 2017

  • Peter Stringfellow, interview with Gareth Evans of BBC Radio Sheffield on BBC Profiles 2008 at

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