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Chapter 15 - Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  19 August 2019

Michael T. Ashworth
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London
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A brief introduction on demographics is followed by a section on the aims of investigation of sudden cardiac death. Specific cardiac causes are dealt with in turn: congenital heart disease, coronary artery anomalies, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis and metabolic disease. A section is then devoted to cases where there is no morphological abnormality and death is due to ion channelopathy. There is a separate discussion of sudden infant death syndrome as a possible sudden cardiac death. The chapter closes with a brief discussion of commotio cordis.

Pathology of Heart Disease in the Fetus, Infant and Child
Autopsy, Surgical and Molecular Pathology
, pp. 327 - 341
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Print publication year: 2019

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