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Published online by Cambridge University Press:  05 July 2011

Mary L. Volcansek
Texas Christian University
John F. Stack, Jr
Florida International University
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Courts and Terrorism
Nine Nations Balance Rights and Security
, pp. 243 - 256
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Print publication year: 2010

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  • Edited by Mary L. Volcansek, Texas Christian University, John F. Stack, Jr, Florida International University
  • Book: Courts and Terrorism
  • Online publication: 05 July 2011
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  • References
  • Edited by Mary L. Volcansek, Texas Christian University, John F. Stack, Jr, Florida International University
  • Book: Courts and Terrorism
  • Online publication: 05 July 2011
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  • References
  • Edited by Mary L. Volcansek, Texas Christian University, John F. Stack, Jr, Florida International University
  • Book: Courts and Terrorism
  • Online publication: 05 July 2011
  • Chapter DOI:
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