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Child and adolescent psychiatry is an important and growing area of clinical psychiatry. The last decade has seen a rapid expansion of scientific knowledge in this field and has provided a new understanding of the underlying pathology of mental disorders in children and adolesents. This series focuses on psychopathology. It concentrates on those topics where the growth of knowledge has had the greatest impact on clinical practice and on the treatment and understanding of mental illness. Each individual volume deals with a distinct disorder or group of related disorders and provides a critical review of the natural history, pathology, aetiology, clinical management and prevention, as well as an account of the impact of the disorder in later life. This series will be of major interest to clinicians in child and adolescent psychiatry, paediatricians and to researchers in psychology, neuroscience and the social sciences. It will also provide a valuable source of reference for postgraduates in these and related fields.

  • General Editors: Ian M. Goodyer, University of Cambridge