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Cropping, Cultivation and Herbicides to Eliminate Russian Knapweed and Prevent Reinfestation

  • Lyle A. Derscheid (a1), Wilford H. Wallace (a1) and Leon J. Wrage (a1)


Stands of Russian knapweed (Centaurea repens L.) were reduced over 80 per cent by several combinations of crops, cultivation and herbicides. Two of the best crop rotations in a 4-year trial were: (1) a short season of intensive cultivation and a mid-August seeding of bromegrass that was sprayed with 1 lb/A of butoxyethanol ester of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) during June and 1 or 1½ lb/A during August of the second and third years. (2) Bromegrass seeded with an oat companion crop sprayed with ⅓ lb/A of 2,4-D ester the first year and annual applications of 2,4-D in June and mid-August during the second and third years. The best use of non-selective herbicides in two 2-year trials was spring application of 4 lb/A of diethylamine salt of 2,3,6-trichlorobenzoic acid (2,3,6-TBA) or 6 lb/A of diethylamine salt of polychlorobenzoic acid (PBA), plowing 10 days later, and a corn crop sprayed with ⅓ lb/A of 2,4-D ester followed by a spring-seeded oat crop sprayed with d13 lb/A of 2,4-D ester and postharvest application of 4 to 6 lb/A of 2,3,6-TBA and 6 to 8 lb/A of PBA, and plowing 10 days later. Reinfestation from established plants was not prevented, but annual application of 2,4-D prevented reinfestation from seedlings.



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