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Slow-Release Delivery System for Herbicides in Container-Grown Stock

  • Stanley F. Gorski (a1)


Metolachlor, applied to the surface of leaching columns as dicalcium phosphate tablets, was recovered over a period of 25 d compared with 2 and 3 d for emulsifiable concentrate and granular formulations, respectively. In similar studies, approximately 27% of napropamide was recovered from tablets during the same period. Adding an adjuvant to the napropamide tablet mixture increased the recovery rate to 55%. Tablet hardness and size had little effect on the release rate of napropamide. Tablets containing 4% ai napropamide released greater amounts of herbicide at a single collection period than did tablets containing 1% ai. Adding an adjuvant to the napropamide tablet mixture significantly improved Italian ryegrass control in the area adjacent to herbicide placement.



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