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Response of Corn to Preemergence and Postemergence Applications of Saflufenacil

  • Nader Soltani (a1), Christy Shropshire (a1) and Peter H. Sikkema (a1)


Saflufenacil (BAS 800H) is a new herbicide being developed by BASF for PRE broadleaf weed control in corn. Field studies were conducted at two Ontario locations in 2006 and 2007 to evaluate the tolerance of field corn to PRE and POST (spike and two- to three-leaf corn) applications of saflufenacil at 50, 100, and 200 g ai/ha with and without an adjuvant (surfactant blend + solvent [petroleum hydrocarbons]; 1% v/v). Saflufenacil applied PRE reduced corn height by as much as 12% with the highest rate of 200 g/ha; however, corn yield was not affected. When saflufenacil was applied without an adjuvant to corn at the spike stage, injury was as much as 12%, 7 d after treatment (DAT). However, corn height and yield were not affected. Saflufenacil applied POST to two- to three-leaf corn at 50 to 200 g/ha without an adjuvant resulted in as much as 25% injury and reduced corn height 31% but did not affect yield. Adding an adjuvant to POST applications of saflufenacil caused as much as 4 and 99% injury, reduced corn height 13 and 77%, and reduced corn yield 0 and 59% when applied to corn at the spike and at the two- to three-leaf stages, respectively. Based on these results, saflufenacil applied PRE can be safely used in corn at rates up to 200 g/ha. Saflufenacil applied to corn at the spike and two- to three-leaf stage at 50 or 100 g/ha without an adjuvant demonstrated acceptable corn tolerance and may allow for the use of saflufenacil beyond the proposed PRE use pattern. In contrast, applying saflufenacil POST with an adjuvant to spike and two- to three-leaf stage corn resulted in unacceptable injury and yield losses in field corn.


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Response of Corn to Preemergence and Postemergence Applications of Saflufenacil

  • Nader Soltani (a1), Christy Shropshire (a1) and Peter H. Sikkema (a1)


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