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Relationships Among Green Foxtail (Setaria viridis) Seedling Development, Growing Degree Days, and Time of Nicosulfuron Application

  • Frank Forcella (a1) and Kevin R. Banken (a2)


Success of postemergence weed management often depends upon application timing and weed seedling size. To develop a predictive tool for estimating green foxtail development and optimizing timing of management operations, seedling growth was monitored in fields for two years, as well as in a single greenhouse experiment, and compared with elapsed thermal time (growing degree days, GDD, base 10 C). The relationship between seedling height (mm) and GDD was similar both years and could be described by the following equation: Height = (-0.27 + 0.033 * GDD)2. A comparable equation described seedling growth in a greenhouse. Leaf number was linearly related to GDD. Green foxtail in corn was controlled with nicosulfuron applied at seven intervals between 100 and 450 GDD after corn planting in 1993 and 1994. In 1993 corn yield losses due to green foxtail interference were least when nicosulfuron was applied 200 to 300 GDD after planting, at which time green foxtail height was 50 to 100 mm. In 1994 corn yield losses were minimized if nicosulfuron was applied any time before 300 GDD.



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