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The Influence of Terbufos on the Response of Five Corn (Zea mays) Hybrids to CGA-136872

  • David L. Holshouser (a1), James M. Chandler (a1) and Harold R. Smith (a2)


Field experiments were established to investigate the influence of terbufos on the response of five corn hybrids to postemergence applications of CGA-136872. In 1987, Asgrow RX404, Dekalb DK656, Funk's G4673A, and Pioneer P3165 were tolerant to CGA-136872 when no soil insecticides were applied. In 1988, terbufos was applied at 1.1 kg ai ha-1 in-furrow at planting. Injury was observed on all hybrids following CGA-136872 application in 1988. With the exception of Funk's G4307, all hybrids were tolerant to CGA-136872 in 1989 when no soil insecticide was used. When terbufos was applied in-furrow, injury increased with increasing herbicide rate for these hybrids.



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The Influence of Terbufos on the Response of Five Corn (Zea mays) Hybrids to CGA-136872

  • David L. Holshouser (a1), James M. Chandler (a1) and Harold R. Smith (a2)


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