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Influence of Adjuvants on Efficacy of Clethodim

  • David L. Jordan (a1), P. Roy Vidrine (a2), James L. Griffin (a3) and Daniel B. Reynolds (a4)


Field experiments evaluated barnyardgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, and rhizomatous johnsongrass control with clethodim applied with Agri-Dex® crop oil concentrate at 1.0% v/v, the adjuvant Dash® at 1.0% v/v, the methylated seed oil Sun-It II® at 1.0% v/v, a blend of silicone surfactant plus methylated seed oil (Dyne-Amic® at 0.5% v/v) or nonionic surfactant (Kinetic® HV at 0.125% v/v), two silicone surfactants (Sylgard® 309 and Silwet L-77® surfactant) at 0.125% v/v, two other conventional nonionic surfactants (Latron AG-98™ and Induce®) at 0.25% v/v, and the acidified soya phospholipid LI-700®. When compared with the conventional nonionic or silicone-based surfactants and LI-700, clethodim at 70 g ai/ha controlled barnyardgrass more effectively when applied with Dash or Sun-It II. Broadleaf signalgrass and rhizomatous johnsongrass were controlled more effectively when clethodim was applied with Agri-Dex, Dash, Sun-It II, or Dyne-Amic. Clethodim at 70 g/ha applied with Dash or Sun-It II controlled grasses equally or greater than clethodim at 140 g/ha.



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Influence of Adjuvants on Efficacy of Clethodim

  • David L. Jordan (a1), P. Roy Vidrine (a2), James L. Griffin (a3) and Daniel B. Reynolds (a4)


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