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Impact of Tyta luctuosa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Hedge Bindweed (Calystegia sepium) in Corn (Zea mays)

  • Philip W. Tipping (a1) and Gaetano Campobasso (a2)


Releasing Tyta luctuosa on hedge bindweed in cornfields did not increase defoliation more than endemic herbivores. Larvae of T. luctuosa were rarely found after release, indicating they suffered high mortality or dispersed from test plants. Eleven species of endemic insects were found feeding on bindweed, all of which are known to be generalists feeding, in some cases, on economically important plants. Oidaematophorus monodactylus (L.) (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae) was the most damaging species to the bindweed.



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Impact of Tyta luctuosa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Hedge Bindweed (Calystegia sepium) in Corn (Zea mays)

  • Philip W. Tipping (a1) and Gaetano Campobasso (a2)


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