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Herbicide Effects on Established Yellow Old World Bluestem (Bothriochloa ischaemum)

  • Keith R. Harmoney (a1), Phillip W. Stahlman (a1) and Karen R. Hickman (a2)


Nine herbicides were tested in a field trial during 2001 and 2002 for the ability to suppress growth of established plants of yellow old world bluestem (OWB) that had invaded native vegetation in central Kansas. Herbicide treatments were applied to OWB at the V4 stage of growth using the Nebraska staging method. At 9 wk after treatment (WAT), plots treated with imazapyr at 1.40 kg ai/ ha had much lower OWB plant frequency than the untreated plots, and plots sprayed with imazapyr and bromacil at 7.84 kg ai/ha had much lower OWB tiller densities than the control plots. Imazapyr and glyphosate at 3.36 kg ai/ha provided greater OWB control than other herbicides. At the first frost after treatment application, imazapyr and bromacil treatments continued to have lower OWB frequency and tiller density than the control plots. Visible herbicide control was closely related to end-of-season yield (R = −0.97). Imazapic at 0.16 kg ai/ha, glyphosate, sulfometuron at 0.21 kg ai/ ha, bromacil, and imazapyr controlled OWB from 54 to 94%. Split applications, altered timing of herbicide application, or varied rates of herbicides that exhibited suppressive potential may further improve efficacy of these herbicides.


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∗ Publication 03-309-J Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series.



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Herbicide Effects on Established Yellow Old World Bluestem (Bothriochloa ischaemum)

  • Keith R. Harmoney (a1), Phillip W. Stahlman (a1) and Karen R. Hickman (a2)


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