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Effect of Adjuvants on Weed Control and Soybean (Glycine max) Tolerance with AC 263,222

  • Marshall B. Wixson (a1) and David R. Shaw (a1)


Field experiments were established to observe the effects of adjuvants and time of application on weed control and ‘Terra-Vig 515’ soybean tolerance with POST applications of AC 263,222. A nonionic surfactant or a crop oil concentrate increased sicklepod control with AC 263,222 applied at either V2 or V6 soybean growth stages. Sicklepod control increased as AC 263,222 was increased from 35 to 70 g ai ha–1 only when applied without an adjuvant. Late in the season, there was no difference in sicklepod control between V2 and V6 applications. Adjuvants and application timing within herbicide treatments had no effect on pitted morningglory control, and, though adjuvants increased common cocklebur control, all treatments controlled more than 85% of both species. AC 263,222 with adjuvants at all rates and timings injured and stunted soybean more 2 wk after treatment compared to AC 263,222 alone. AC 263,222 at 35 or 70 g ha–1 with crop oil concentrate reduced yields more than AC 263,222, with either a surfactant or no adjuvant when applied to V2 soybeans.



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Effect of Adjuvants on Weed Control and Soybean (Glycine max) Tolerance with AC 263,222

  • Marshall B. Wixson (a1) and David R. Shaw (a1)


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