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Effect of Adjuvant Concentration and Carrier Volume on Large Crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) Control with Fluazifop

  • Reid J. Smeda (a1) and Alan R. Putnam (a2)


Foliar activity of the butyl ester of fluazifop on large crabgrass was determined by varying the concentration of a petroleum-based oil concentrate and the carrier volume. Increasing the concentration of petroleum oil or reducing the carrier volume improved large crabgrass control. Under greenhouse conditions, both visible injury and plant dry weight reflected greater control with adjuvant concentrations increasing from 0.62 to 5.0% v/v. Similarly, reducing carrier volumes from 374 to 47 L/ha increased grass control. No significant interaction between carrier volume and adjuvant concentration suggests the effects of these two variables are independent of one another. For both variables, effects were greater with sublethal rates of fluazifop.



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Effect of Adjuvant Concentration and Carrier Volume on Large Crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) Control with Fluazifop

  • Reid J. Smeda (a1) and Alan R. Putnam (a2)


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