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Early Postemergence Clomazone Tank Mixes on Coarse-Textured Soils in Rice

  • S.D. Willingham (a1), N.R. Falkenberg (a1), G.N. McCauley (a2) and J.M. Chandler (a1)


Clomazone was labeled for rice in 2001; however, that label excluded its use on coarse- (light) textured soils, including sand, loamy sand, and sandy loam with less than 1% organic matter due to rice injury. Field studies conducted in 2005, 2006, and 2007 evaluated weed control and tolerance of rice to early postemergence (EPOST) applications of clomazone alone and tank mixed with other herbicides on sandy loam and clay loam soils. At 42 d after treatment (DAT), broadleaf signalgrass (BRAPP) and barnyardgrass (ECHCG) control was > 86%. At 14 DAT, rice injury was greatest (13%) from clomazone applied preemergence (PRE) at 0.44 kg ai/ha on sandy soil. Annual sedge (CYPCP) control was > 78% on sandy loam soils at 14 DAT, but increased to > 90% by 42 DAT. On clay loam soils, CYPCP control at 42 DAT ranged from 60 to 76% from clomazone alone or tank mixed with cyhalofop or fenoxaprop. All other tank mixes provided > 80% control. Hemp sesbania (SEBEX) control was > 80% from all tank mixes. Clomazone alone provided < 77% control. Data suggest that clomazone can be used EPOST in combination with other herbicides without causing significant rice injury on sandy loam soils in Texas.


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