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Carpeted Roller Application of Herbicides for Larkspur (Delphinium spp.) Control

  • F. Brent Bunderson (a1), Michael H. Ralphs (a1), John O. Evans (a2), Christopher A. Call (a3) and Darwin B. Nielsen (a4)...


A carpeted roller applicator and broadcast sprayer were compared for application of glyphosate, metsulfuron, and picloram to control duncecap and tall larkspur on mountain range sites in southern Idaho and central Utah, respectively. Glyphosate was the most effective herbicide, controlling 96% of both larkspur species when applied by the sprayer and 78% when applied by the roller. There was no difference in larkspur control between application methods using metsulfuron or picloram. Application of herbicides by the carpeted roller was less detrimental to forbs compared to the sprayer, and the roller application of glyphosate did not reduce grass cover. Grass cover doubled following treatments with picloram and metsulfuron.



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