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Bensulfuron and Halosulfuron Alter Clomazone Activity on Rice (Oryza sativa)

  • Eric P. Webster (a1), Christopher R. Mudge (a1), Wei Zhang (a1) and David C. Blouin (a2)


A laboratory study was conducted in 2003 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, to evaluate the interactive effects of bensulfuron or halosulfuron on clomazone in terms of rice foliar bleaching and chlorophyll content. Clomazone was applied alone at 0 and 1.227 μg/ml (672 g/ha) or in combination with bensulfuron at 0.0276 μg ai/ml (42 g ai/ha) or halosulfuron at 0.0345 μg ai/ml (53 g ai/ha) in a hydroponic solution. Bensulfuron and halosulfuron were also applied alone. Rice cultivars evaluated included short-grain ‘Pirogue’, medium-grain ‘Bengal’, and long-grain ‘Cocodrie’. Bensulfuron and halosulfuron, applied in a hydroponic solution, safened medium-grain Bengal, long-grain Cocodrie, and short-grain Pirogue at 21 d after treatment (DAT) from foliar bleaching caused by clomazone. Chlorophyll a and b and total chlorophyll content of all three rice cultivars decreased when treated with clomazone treatment. Only chlorophyll content of Cocodrie was increased by the addition of bensulfuron and halosulfuron compared with a single application of clomazone.


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Bensulfuron and Halosulfuron Alter Clomazone Activity on Rice (Oryza sativa)

  • Eric P. Webster (a1), Christopher R. Mudge (a1), Wei Zhang (a1) and David C. Blouin (a2)


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