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Study of structural changes and properties of some Sn-Ag lead-free solder alloys

  • M. Kamal (a1) and El Said Gouda (a2)


Structure, wetting, mechanical and electrical transport properties of tin- (2.5, 3.5, 5 and 10) wt.% silver alloys have been investigated. The results showed that, addition of silver to pure tin causes more precipitations of the intermetallic compound Ag3Sn. A new intermetallic compound Ag4Sn has been formed with adding Ag more than 3.5 wt.%. This compound causes continuous increase in the Young's modulus and electrical resistivity. While for the wetting measurements, additions of silver to pure tin up to 5 wt.% reduces the contact angle. Above that, the contact angle increases due to more precipitations of Ag–Sn compounds, which may tend to reduce the adhesive forces between molten alloys and the substrate.


Corresponding author


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Study of structural changes and properties of some Sn-Ag lead-free solder alloys

  • M. Kamal (a1) and El Said Gouda (a2)


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