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Training Community Psychiatric Nurses for Psychosocial Intervention: Report of a Pilot Study

  • Charles Brooker (a1), Nicholas Tarrier (a2), Christine Barrowclough (a3), Anthony Butterworth (a1) and David Goldberg (a4)...


Community psychiatric nurses were trained to deliver psychosocial intervention to clients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia living at home with relatives. The training package consisted of family assessment, health education, and family stress management strategies. In a ‘quasi-experimental’ design, a sample of families (n = 54) were recruited to either a control or experimental condition and followed up for 12 months. A number of favourable outcomes were observed in the experimental group, including improvements in the client's target symptoms, personal functioning, and social adjustment. Relatives' satisfaction with services increased and reports of their own minor psychiatric morbidity improved.


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Training Community Psychiatric Nurses for Psychosocial Intervention: Report of a Pilot Study

  • Charles Brooker (a1), Nicholas Tarrier (a2), Christine Barrowclough (a3), Anthony Butterworth (a1) and David Goldberg (a4)...
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