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Socio-Cultural Determinants of Attempted Suicide Among West Indians in Birmingham: Ethnic Origin and Immigrant Status

  • Aggrey W. Burke (a1)


The author studied the significance of ethnic origin and immigrant status in attempted suicide. Epidemiological data (1969–72) indicated that self-poisoning among West Indian immigrants in Birmingham was less prevalent than among natives there but more prevalent than in the West Indies. The association of recent pregnancy with attempted suicide among young immigrant patients was noteworthy.

Attempted suicide among immigrants was often relatively benign; few abused alcohol or drugs or made repeated attempts. The markedly lower male rate of attempted suicide, and its rarity in older persons, confirms previous findings.



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Socio-Cultural Determinants of Attempted Suicide Among West Indians in Birmingham: Ethnic Origin and Immigrant Status

  • Aggrey W. Burke (a1)
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