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Long-Term Outcome in Early-Onset Anorexia Nervosa

  • Geraldine Walford (a1) and Noel Mccune (a2)


Fifteen children who developed anorexia nervosa aged 13 years or less were followed up at least three years later (mean 5.3 years). Outcome measures included the Morgan & Russell Outcome Schedule and the PSE. The general outcome was good in seven, intermediate in four, and poor in four, one of whom had died. A high incidence of psychiatric symptoms at follow-up, which has been suggested in other studies, was not confirmed in the 11 subjects who completed the PSE. Where onset was very early (11 years and under) and where hospital stay was prolonged, outcome tended to be poor.


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Long-Term Outcome in Early-Onset Anorexia Nervosa

  • Geraldine Walford (a1) and Noel Mccune (a2)


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Long-Term Outcome in Early-Onset Anorexia Nervosa

  • Geraldine Walford (a1) and Noel Mccune (a2)
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