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Life Events and Illness: A Three Year Prospective Study

  • Arthur P. Schless (a1), Alicia Teichman (a1), J. Mendels (a1), Norman W. Weinstein (a1) and Kenneth Weller (a1)...


In an investigation of the relation between life events (stressors) and illness, 87 medical students reported on a prospective basis their health and life events history over a three year period. There were a few positive findings, e.g. that subjects who reported more life events during the period also reported more illnesses during that period. Overall, however, the study showed a lack of statistically significant association between life events and illness.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to J. Mendels, M.D., Professor, Department of Psychiatry, V.A. Hospital (151E), University and Woodland Avenues, Philadelphia PA 19104.


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Dr Weinstein is currently with the San Mateo County Department of Public Health and Welfare, Daly City, California. Dr Weller is currently with the Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia.



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Life Events and Illness: A Three Year Prospective Study

  • Arthur P. Schless (a1), Alicia Teichman (a1), J. Mendels (a1), Norman W. Weinstein (a1) and Kenneth Weller (a1)...


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Life Events and Illness: A Three Year Prospective Study

  • Arthur P. Schless (a1), Alicia Teichman (a1), J. Mendels (a1), Norman W. Weinstein (a1) and Kenneth Weller (a1)...
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